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The thoughts of Mowd

31 March 1987
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Welcome to Mauds Journal

About Maud

Maud. Graphic Designer. Photographer. Printmaking.

I'm a second year senior in college going for my BFA in Graphic Design. I also do photography and printmaking. I love making icons and other graphics, which are all over at my icon journal mowd_icons. I also love reading, writing, music, and my dog Jacob.

The Fandom Whore
Harry Potter- Heroes- Lord of the Rings- Twilight-Star Trek-Watchmen

Favorite Movies
Moulin Rouge- Anchorman- Mulan- Watchmen- Mean Girls- Zoolander- Pirates of the Carribbean

Favorite Music
Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Avenged Sevenfold- Foo Fighters- Rage Against the Machine- The Offspring

Video Game Whore
Fable- Kingdom Hearts- Hitman- Mercenaries- Halo- Need For Speed- Jade Empire

My Communities

mowd_icons- My icon journal. Icon interests and links are all in the userinfo.

moulin_elite A Moulin Rouge elite icon community. Application required to post.

gleelite_icons A community for elite Glee icons. Application required to post.

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